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Professional Solutions

Complete the mission at hand with our Professional Solutions and support

Mission Critical Professional Solutions

FalconTek is a people first solutions company that is committed to our client’s success. We deliver top-tier technical personnel and solutions to public and private sector.

Program & Project Management

FalconTek brings the experts to help lead your project team, lead highly-visibility initiatives and support mission critical programs to ensure operational readiness. We will work relentlessly to ensure your program is properly managed and running in the most efficient manner. We have developed proven capabilities throughout our years of experience supporting Federal and State government agencies. We understand that every milestone and requirement in your project is a critical one and work on your behalf to ensure it is treated as such. Our highly skilled and certified personnel will guide your project through every phase from initiation to strategic planning onto implementation and execution through completion of the project. FalconTek staff is diligent in ensuring your program is efficiently ran while maintaining the highest performance levels and lowest risk levels.

Business Operations & Administration

FalconTek provides the personnel required to ensure your program or agency is running efficiently. Let our support teams ensure your success in meeting project and program goals while enhancing your agency’s capabilities. We have extensive experience in providing personnel to support the administration, financial process, and operations of multi-year projects in the areas of technology, facilitates operations, administrative, logistics, and healthcare.

Workforce & Staffing Solutions

We provide staffing solutions that allow your organization to rapidly scale up or down personnel support. Let our GovCon focused recruiting organization support your organization as you ramp up your technical, healthcare and professional staff to support the mission operations. We take pride in our proven Strageic Sourcing Process that allows our recruiters to efficiently locate the staff that your team requires. We provide highly skilled and cleared personnel to your project on a subcontract, contrat-to-hire, and permanent placement basis.