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Professional Solutions

We recognize that professional services are fundamentally a people business, where tools and techniques represent nothing more than a bill of goods without the talented people and strong relationships to make them work.

Our Professional Solutions group provide services that incorporate: diligence, professionalism, and a focus on impactful outcomes that satisfy business needs. We will bring the same value mentality to your most difficult challenges. A relationship with FalconTek means a reduction in labor costs and lead time which will lead to an increase in resources for delivering outcomes to your stakeholders. We recognize that the deployment of human capital is as much art as science, so we constantly measure our solutions against an anticipated return on investment to maximize value for our clients. As a result, a relationship with FalconTek brings the capabilities of a mature business without the overhead or cost structure inherent to larger, more bureaucratic organizations.

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FalconTek Solutions provides experts to help coach your project team, lead highly-visibility initiatives and support mission critical programs to ensure operational readiness. Our approaches enhance PMO capabilities and improve project and program performance.We are well versed in managing highly complex, multi year projects in the areas of A&E, Facilitites Opeartions, Administrative and Workforce Management, and  IT Systems.


FalconTek provides the personnel required to ensure your program or agency is running efficiently. Let our support teams ensure your success in meeting project and program goals while enhancing your agency’s capabilities. We have extensive experience in managing and supporting multi-year projects in the areas of Facilitates Operations, Administrative, A&E, Logistics and IT.


FalconTek provides staffing solutions that allow your organization to rapidly scale up or down personnel support. Let our recruiters support your organization as you ramp up your technical staff for new projects or scale your administrative staff to support mission operations. We take pride in our proven FalconTek Sourcing Process that allows our recruiters to efficiently locate the staff your mission requires.